At the beginning of our collaboration, we want to find the intersection between Resatio’s surrealist, almost otherworldly illustration style and Oxford Society’s British, family-centered values. Having started as a kid’s brand, we always want our products to be somewhat educational and the name Oxford also resonates with this, being one of Britain’s oldest places of formal education. Through Resatio’s collage illustration we try to resemble an encyclopedia: a reference tool widely used for educational purposes.
As we learn more about the encyclopedic reference, we found out one type of encyclopedia matches Resatio’s illustration style; that is Bestiary. Like encyclopedia, Bestiary is a compendium that contains a detailed story and explanation of wide variety of creatures both factual and fantasies.
From then on, Succula, Wychiop and Dhmadroorm were born out of Resatio’s magical imagination and made into this special 2021 collaboration collection: Bestiary Collection.
Tucked deep inside our head, we always wonder what if these beasts exist.
Going back to the medieval age, people wrote manuscripts about creatures, animals, beasts in a compendium called bestiary. Familiar mythical creatures such as dragons, unicorns and centaurs to foreign ones like Hercinia, Parandrus and Alerion are recorded in details and are made into tales for people to study, read and enjoy.

At Oxford Society, with Resatio’s brilliant imagination we create our own beasts: Succula, Wychiop and Dhmadroorm and put it in our own ‘manuscript’ that is the Bestiary Collection.